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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

World Geography : Questions and Answers- 20

316. The tide at its maximum height is known as:
(a) Tsunami                                (b) Spring Tide
(c) Equinoxes                             (d) Neap Tide
Answer: (b)

317. Which of the following planets is smaller than earth?
(a) Neptune                                   (b) Uranus
(c) Saturn                                       (d) Venus
Answer: (d)

318. Hawaiian Islands are located in:
(a) North Atlantic Ocean            (b) South Atlantic Ocean
(c) North Pacific Ocean               (d) South Pacific Ocean
Answer: (c)

319. Which one of the following continents does not have a real desert?
(a) Europe                                     (b) Australia
(c) Asia                                            (d) North America
Answer: (a)

320. How fast the earth spins at the north pole?
(a) 1038 miles/hr                          (b) 700 miles/hr
(c) Almost zero                                (d) 850 miles/hr
Answer: (c)

321. Name the continents that form mirror images:
(a) North America and South America     (b)   Asia and Africa
(c) Africa and South America                      (d) Europe and Asia
Answer: (c)

322. A region of weak winds is called:
(a) Doldrum                                  (b) Dum Dum
(c) Chilka                                        (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

323. How many times in a year , day and nights are of equal duration anywhere on earth?
(a) Once                                              (b) Four
(c) Twelve                                          (d) Twice
Answer: (d)

324. Which one of the following is a land-locked sea?
(a) Aral Sea                                          (b) Timor Sea
(c) North Sea                                         (d) Red Sea
Answer: (a)

325.Troposphere is the hottest part of the atmosphere is because:
(a) It is the closest layer of the Sun
(b) There are charged articles in it
(c) It is heated by the earth’s surface
(d) Heat is generated in it
Answer: (c)

326. Which one of the following are known as ‘Anti-trade winds’?
(a) Chinook                                               (b) Cyclones
(c) Typhoons                                            (d) Westerlies
Answer: (d)

327.The outermost layer of the sun is called:
(a) Chromosphere                                  (b) Photosphere
(c) Corona                                                 (d) Lithosphere
Answer: (c)

328.Geostationary satellite is at a height of:
(a) 6km                                                   (b) 1000 km
(c) 3600km                                            (d) 35900 km
Answer: (d)

329.The orbits of planets around the sun can be:
(a) Elliptic and parabolic                (b) Parabolic and hyperbolic
(c) Circular and hyperbolic            (d) Circular and elliptic
Answer: (d)

330.What is Super Nova?
(a) A black hole                                      (b) A dying star
(c) An asteroid                                         (d) A comet

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