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Monday, 13 June 2016

World Geography : Questions and Answers- 19

301. In which category of winds does cyclone fall?
(a) Trade winds                   (b) Periodic winds
(c) Local winds                     (d) Variable winds
Answer: (d)

302.  ‘Western disturbances’ is associated with:
(a) Extremism                       (b) Weather
(c) Imperialism                     (d) Economy
Answer: (b)

303. Which indicates a clear weather?
(a) Nimbus                              (b) Stratus
(c) Cirrus                                 (d) Cumulus
Answer: (d)

304. The number of satellites required to cover the entire surface of the earth
simultaneously is:
(a) 2             (b) 3          (c) 4                 (d) 6
Answer: (b)

305. The winter monsoon rises from:
(a) The Arabian sea                      (b) Bay of Bengal
(c) The Pacific ocean                     (d) The Himalayas
Answer: (b)

306. Geology is a science dealing with the study of:
(a) Insects                                        (b) The crust of the earth
(c) The origin of rocks                  (d) Birds
Answer: (b)

307. The study of name of Places:
(a) Toponymy                                  (b) Geography
(c) Pedology                                      (d) Psephology
Answer: (a)

308. The equatorial radius of earth:
(a) 12754km                                        (b) 8000km
(c) 6377km                                            (d) 14895km
Answer: (c)

309. The main port of United Arab Emirates is:
(a) Abu Dhabi                                       (b) Dubai
(c) Sharjah                                              (d) Rasa-al-Khaima
Answer: (b)

310. Kohoutek is the name of a/an:
(a) Star                                                   (b) Asteroid
(c) Planet                                                (d) Comet
Answer: (d)

311. How many times the sun is bigger than the earth?
(a) 110 times                                   (b) 111 times
(c) 112 times                                    (d) 109 times
Answer: (d)

312. Coconut tree is the national tree of:
(a) Indonesia                                    (b) Myanmar
(c) Sri Lanka                                      (d) Maldives
Answer: (d)

313. A rift valley is formed mainly due to:
(a) The force of tension of earth’s crust
(b) The subsidence of floor of a river valley
(c) The valley formed after the formation of fold mountains
(d) The deepening of valley by ice actions
Answer: (a)

314. The longest cave in the world:
(a) Veronia cave                                         (b) Mammoth Cave
(c) Edakkal Cave                                           (d) Ajanta Cave
Answer: (b)

315. Savanna grass land situated in which continent?
(a) Asia                                                        (b) Europe

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