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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

World Geography : Questions and Answers- 21

331.Which of the following is a land locked country?
(a) Ukraine                                              (b) Romania
(c) Hungary                                             (d) Bulgaria
Answer: (c)

332.The tide produced in an ocean when the pull on the earth by the Sun and Moon is unidirectional is called:
(a) High tide                                           (b) Spring tide
(c) Neap tide                                           (d) Low tide
Answer: (b)

333.The Gulf stream is an ocean current which begins in:
(a) Off the coast of Florida
(b) From the Bay of Bengal
(c) Gulf countries coastline
(d) In the Philippines
Answer: (a)

334.Which of the following volcanoes is situated in Mexico?
(a) Colima                                               (b) Purace
(c) Semeru                                               (d) Etna
Answer: (a)

335.The humidity of the air depends upon:
(a) Temperataure                                  (b) Location
(c) Weather                                                (d) All of these
Answer: (d)

336.The latitude of a place expresses its angular position relative to the plane of
(a) Axis of earth                                     (b) North pole
(c) South pole                                          (d) Equator
Answer: (d)

337.The greatest variety of animal and plant species is fund in:
(a) Temperate grasslands                  (b) Tropical moist forests
(c) Tundra regions                                  (d) In hot deserts
Answer: (b)

338.The largest part of our hydrosphere is:
(a) Atlantic Ocean                                 (b) Pacific Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean                                    (d) Arctic Ocean
Answer: (b)

339.Which river begins at Tana lake in Ethiopia?
(a) Blue Nile                                           (b) White Nile
(c) Congo                                                 (d) Zambezi
Answer: (a)

340.In which country does the river Amazon originate?
(a) Brazil                                                    (b) Colombia
(c) Peru                                                       (d) Bolivia
Answer: (c)

341. Father of Geography 
Answer: Hecataeus 

342. Who was the first Geographer that prepare a world map to scale 
Answer: Anaximander 

343. The former name of 'Black sea' was  
Answer: Pontus Euxine 

344. The idea to dig Panama Canalwas given by 
Answer: Humboldt  

345. Instrument used for measuring distances on a map 
Answer: Opisometer 
346. Science which studies of earth measurement  
Answer: Geodesy  

347. An Art and Science of making maps from aerial photographs  
Answer: Photogrammetry 

348. Which is the longest river in Asia? 
Answer: Yangtze 

349. Which is the largest hydroelectric project in the world? 
Answer: Three Gorges Dam (China)

350. Mahaveli Ganga is the longest rivea In-----? 
Answer:  Sri Lanka
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