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Sunday, 15 May 2016

World Geography : Questions and Answers- 18

286. National Congress is the parliament of:
(a) Australia                                              
(b) Argentina
(c) Nepal                                                     
(d) South Africa
Answer: (b)

287. The line beyond which snow never melts:
(a) Latitude                                              (b) Longitude
(c) Snow line                                            (d) Meridian
Answer: (c)

288. The only planet without storms:
(a) Venus                                                     (b) Jupiter
(c) Saturn                                                    (d) Mercury
Answer: (d)

289. A natural vegetation has the similarity of:
(a) Climate and natural vegetation
(b) Climate and occupation
(c) Soil and drainage
(d) Economic base and races
Answer: (a)

290. A fountain of hot water issuing from a hole which extends deep into earth’s crust is called:
(a) Delta                                                     (b) Canyon
(c) Volcano                                                (d) Geyser
Answer: (d)

291. Which of the following forest belt supplies most of the world’s requirement of newsprint?
(a) Evergreen forest                            (b) Deciduous forest
(c) Coniferous forest                            (d) Mediterranean forest
Answer: (c)

292. In which country is Parthenon Temple?
(a) Italy                                                   (b) Iran
(c) Greece                                                (d) Iraq
Answer: (c)

293. Which is called ‘the first city in the world’?
(a) Ur                                                  (b) Athens
(c) Sparta                                           (d) Olympus
Answer: (a)

294. The name ‘Urubamba’ is related to:
(a) Weather                                         (b) Rain
(c) Wind                                               (d) River
Answer: (d)

295. Which of the following countries in South Asia are land locked?
(a) Nepal and Bangladesh                  (b) Bangladesh and Bhutan
(c) Bhutan and Nepal                            (d) Bhutan and Pakistan

Answer: (c)

296. The largest planet in the solar system:
(a) Jupiter                                                                     (b) Saturn
(c) Uranus                                                                     (d) Neptune
Answers: (a)

297. The fifth largest body in the solar system:
(a) Saturn                                                                  (b) Earth
(c) Neptune                                                              (d) Uranus
Answers: (d)

298. The fifth largest planet in the solar system:
(a) Earth                                                                    (b) Neptune
(c) Venus                                                                   (d) Uranus
Answers: (a)

299. Which planet has the shortest period of rotation?
(a) Mercury                                                             (b) Venus
(c) Jupiter                                                                (d) Mars
Answers: (c)

300. Jupiter completes one revolution in ....... earth years:
(a) 12                                                                        (b) 14
(c) 16                                                                        (d) 18

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