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Sunday, 15 May 2016

World Geography : Questions and Answers- 17

271. Which is the largest among the inner planets?
(a) Mercury                                                  (b) Venus
(c) Earth                                                       (d) Mars
Answers: (c)

272. Earth is also known as:
(a) Helios                                                                       (b) Sol
(c) Ferra                                                                         (d) Terra
Answers: (d)

273. Which planet has the highest density?
(a) Saturn                                                                     (b) Jupiter
(c) Earth                                                                       (d) Mercury
Answers: (c)

274. Which planet has the lowest density?
(a) Earth                                                                      (b) Saturn
(c) Jupiter                                                                    (d) Mars
Answers: (b)

275. Earth is called:
(a) Yellow planet                                                        (b) Red Planet
(c) Green Planet                                                            (d) Blue Planet
Answers: (d)

276. Mars is the Roman God of:
(a) Agriculture                                                           (b) War
(c) Trade                                                                      (d) Love
Answers: (b)

277. The Greek equivalent of Mars:
(a) Ares                                                                            (b) Poseidon
(c) Helios                                                                         (d) Zeus
Answers: (a)

278. Mars is known as:
(a) Blue Planet                                                           (b) Red Planet
(c) Green Planet                                                           (d) Yellow Planet
Answers: (b)

279. Which is known as ‘black moon’?
(a) Mars                                                                          (b) Deimos
(c) Phobos                                                                      (d) Nereid
Answers: (c)

280. What imparts red colour to Mars?
(a) Silicon                                                                   (b) Copper
(c) Iron                                                                        (d) Silver
Answers: (c)

281. Which is the highest peak in solar system?
(a) Chimbarazo                                                            (b) Everest
(c) Valis Marineris                                                      (d) Olympus Mons
Answers: (d)

282. Which planet has almost same period of rotation that of earth?
(a) Venus                                                                        (b) Mars
(c) Mercury                                                                    (d) Jupiter
Answers: (b)

283. Which was sent by NASA to study about Mars?
(a) Messenger                                                             (b) Vinera
(c) Path Finder                                                            (d) Galileo
Answers: (c)

284. Which is the farthest inner planet?
(a) Mercury                                                                       (b) Venus
(c) Earth                                                                             (d) Mars
Answers: (d)

285. The largest member in the solar system:
(a) Earth                                                                      (b) Jupiter
(c) Saturn                                                                       (d) Sun

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