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Sunday, 15 May 2016

World Geography : Questions and Answers- 15

241. The smallest planet:
(a) Earth                                                (b) Venus
(c) Mars                                                  (d) Mercury
Answers: (d)

242. The planets without satellite are Mercury and .......
(a) Mars                                                              (b) Earth
(c) Venus                                                            (d) Neptune
Answers: (c)

243. The nearest planet to Sun:
(a) Venus                                                             (b) Earth
(c) Mercury                                                         (d) Mars
Answers: (c)

244. The nearest planet to Earth:
(a) Mars                                                                (b) Mercury
(c) Jupiter                                                             (d) Venus
Answers: (d)

245. The hottest planet:
(a) Earth                                                               (b) Venus
(c) Mercury                                                          (d) Mars
Answers: (b)

246. Which planet is experienced the highest temperature variation?
(a) Earth                                                             (b) Venus
(c) Mars                                                              (d) Mercury
Answers: (d)

247. Which planet has the lowest escape velosity?
(a) Jupiter                                                            (b) Earth
(c) Mercury                                                         (d) Venus
Answers: (c)

248. Which planet has the highest escape velosity?
(a) Saturn                                                                (b) Jupiter
(c) Earth                                                                      (d) Neptune
Answers: (b)

249. NASA sent Messenger in 2004 to study about:
(a) Mars                                                                     (b) Mercury
(c) Venus                                                                  (d) Jupiter
Answers: (b)

250. The messenger in Roman mythology:
(a) Venus                                                                  (b) Mars
(c) Jupiter                                                                 (d) Mercury
Answers: (d)

251. The Greek equivalent of Mercury:
(a) Poseidon                                                             (b) Zeus
(c) Hermes                                                                (d) Aphrodite
Answers: (c)

252. The time taken by Mercury to complete one revolution is ....... earth days:
(a) 88                                                                         (b) 58
(c) 49                                                                         (d) 225
Answers: (a)

253. Which planet is known as ‘morning star’?
(a) Neptune                                                              (b) Jupiter
(c) Venus                                                                   (d) Mars
Answers: (c)

254. Which planet has the most circular orbit?
(a) Earth                                                                 (b) Venus
(c) Mars                                                                  (d) Mercury
Answers: (b)

255. Which planet has the least circular orbit?
(a) Mercury                                                             (b) Uranus
(c) Saturn                                                                (d) Jupiter

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