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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Indian Geography - 11

Indian Geography - 11
157.  Which is the highest peak in the Western Ghats and South India, at an elevation of 2695 meters, and a topographic prominence of 2479 meters?
Answer: Anamudi

158. Which mountain range parallels the Vindhya Range to the north, and these two east-wrest range divide Indian Subcontinent into the Indo -Gangetic plain of northern India and the Deccan Plateau of the south?
Answer: Satpura Range

159. What is the name of a strip of land formerly belonging to India on the West Bengal - Bangladesh border which has been leased indefinitely to Bangladesh so that it can acess its Dehgram -Angalpota enclaves?
Answer: Teen Bigha

160.  Which is the Indian metropolitan city that locate nearest to Tropic of Cancer?
Answer: Kolkata

161. Which is the Indian metropolitan city that locate nearest to equator?
Answer: Chennai

162.  Prior to the construction of which Dam , the Mahanadi was navigable from its mouth up to Arrang, about. 150 kilometers from its source?
Answer: Hirakud

163. In which Indian states are the Kanha, Panna, Satpura, Sanjay tiger reserves located?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

164. The Sheonath river is the largest privatised river in India. It is the largest tributary of      river?
Answer: Mahanadi

165.  Lakshadweep islands are separated from the Maldives islands by the……….. Degree Channel?
Answer:  Eight Degree

166. --------------- is the oldest oil producing state in India ?
Answer:  team

167. Ankleshwar, Lunej, Kalol are important oil fields of --------- state?
Answer:  Gujarat

168. Alshwarya oil field in---------is the India's second biggest oil discovery. It has been named after Indian actress Aishwarya Rai.
Answer:  Barmer (Rajasthan)

169. ……………. state Is known as the mineral state of India?
Answer:  Jharkhand

170.  The famous solar power plant Bhagwanpur is located at ----------state?
Answer:  Madya Pradesh

171.  The Chambal Project is a joint venture of both Rajasthan and --------- state and both these states benefit from the project.
Answer:  Madhya Pradesh

172.  The Rihand Multipurpose  project is located in the Mirzapur district in ……….. state?
Answer:  Uttar Pradesh

173. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in …………. State has highest Rhino population in the world?
Answer:  Assam

174. Keibul Lamjao is the only floating National park in India, Is located in………..state?
Answer:  Manipur

175. 'Ecology is the permanent economy is the slogan of the…………. Movement?
Answer:  Chipko

176.  The Bhavani, the Amaravati, the Hemavati etc. are the majorr tributaries of……….. river?
Answer:  Kaveri

177. .... Mahatma Gandhi Sethu Bridge is the longest bridge built across a river in India. It has been constructed across………….. river?
Answer:  Ganga

178. ........ island of the Odisha coast is a place for Indian missile testing?

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